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Upton upon Severn Folk Festival, May 2018

All the Crows are back safe in their nests from what was a wonderful weekend, as score upon score of Morris (and other) dancers and musicians filled the streets and pubs of Upton upon Severn at their Annual Folk Festival on the May Day weekend with music, dance and sheer enjoyment.  A massive hats off and thanks to the organisers and all the volunteers who made the festival so much fun for everyone, performers and audiences alike.  If you’ve seen any of the many styles of Morris dancing and enjoyed it why not contact your local side about having a go, you won’t regret it.  We Crows dance in the border style of Morris and will be having fun performing most Thursday evenings throughout the summer at various pubs around Lancashire and at other events so come along, have a fun evening, have a chat to us – we’re a friendly bunch and always happy to help with anything you’d like to know.

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