Join In!


Dancers and Musicians

If you’ve seen us perform you’ll already be aware of the energy we
exert, the sounds we create and the fun we have, and we welcome new members readily.

Perhaps you’re curious about traditional folk dance, or just want to share our enthusiasm for energetic performance. Or perhaps you play an
instrument and would like to try playing with us.

Our members

Our members are a diverse bunch, with a range of interests and backgrounds. Many already have an interest in folk music or dance, while others
arrive purely with curiosity and a will to give something new a try. Few regret the decision.

Join us for a one-off performance

When we’re performing for audiences at festivals or simply on the street, we often arrange one of our simpler dances for anyone to join in.

Once you decide to join in, you’re already over the worst.

…or come and practise with us

If you prefer, come along to our practice nights, in a closed environment where we’re all free to make a few mistakes. You’ll find us welcoming and helpful.

If you would like to get involved or attend one of our practices, we’d be delighted to have you – just complete our the form below.


Join In enquiry

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